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3M Window Tinting Service by Carolina Solar

We're your local Authorized 3M Window Film Dealer serving Myrtle Beach and all surrounding areas. We are the area's largest and most experienced dealer / applicator of 3M High Performance Window Films and Protection Products. Offering a wide range of residential and commercial tinting, including sun control films, safety & security films and storm protection that vary in color, tint density, and heat rejection capabilities.With UV rejection as high as 99.9% and infrared rejection up to 97% (the two leading causes of fade damage) you can rest easy with 3M Window Films & 3M Window Tinting by Carolina Solar.

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Your FREE on-site consultation will provide you with film samples, a complete analysis of the windows in your home or business, and a no-obligation proposal. Our professional installation will qualify you for the full factory 3M Warranty for the film and it's performance and our personal guarantee of satisfaction.

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