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Are you 3M Certified?

We're glad you asked.

Window films over the last 20 years have become recognized as a top tier technology for reducing heat gain, ultraviolet, glare and increase the safety and security of glass around the world. It’s only natural that numerous companies have sprung up over that time period to quickly add their product lines to the market place. 3M a global leader in film and adhesive technologies for over 100 years holds the very first patent on window film in 1966 and still is one of the only companies that manufactures all of the raw materials that go into their line of high performance surface glazing films.

Many local dealers use the tag line “3M Window Tinting” because it is the most recognizable search term in the industry. 3M makes available many of their vinyl and frosted films to the general public and that is why legally any non 3M dealer can use the logo in their advertising. Only an authorized 3M Flat Glass Dealer can purchase and warranty: 3M Sun Control, Safety and Security, Daylighting, and Prestige window films for commercial and residential applications.

Also, exempt are our 3M Certified Automotive dealers who can only purchase and install the paint protection series and window films engineered for automotive use. These films are typically not acceptable for double pane, skylight, or low E window applications.

3M has created its Prestige Dealer Network for their elite flat glass companies and installation crews.

Carolina Solar Control & Security was one of the first dealerships on the east coast to participate in the launch of the Prestige line during its trial phase and has been a recognized dealer since 1985.